The spark.

You're busy. Jumping from meeting to movement, dinner to deadline. Sometimes you feel like you're running on autopilot. Feeling far away from the scent in the air, the way your foot hits the pavement, the crisp sip of ice water.

Taking scenter stage on the matter.

We're out of our minds. And stepping into our senses. Consider us your right-hand candle brand here to remind you to slow down. Notice what you're picking up in the world around you. You are here. And we're right here with you.

A note from Lorig.

"I've always used scent as a way to communicate with with my environment. Scent has the power to tell a story and hold memories for us. A Candle For [ACF] started from my own journey with burnout. After countless conversations around burnout and challenging the speed at which we move as a society I saw a clear trend: when we move fast, we're often disengaged from our senses. So I decided to create a candle brand that brings us back to our senses. For me, candles are a catalyst to help bring me out of my busy mind and explore a slower, more centered side of myself through the lens of my senses — in our terms we it call "scentering". I hope ACF can become your right hand in exploring what it means for you to slow down and deepen connection with yourself and the world around you." - Lorig Purutyan, Founder