We're a candle brand that sparked from burnout.

You're busy. Jumping from meeting to movement, dinner to deadline. Sometimes you feel like you're running on autopilot. The whole time feeling far away from the scent in the air, the way your foot hits the pavement, a song in the background, the crisp sip of ice water.

We're here to remind you: Hey, slow down. You are here. And we're right here with you. Join us in lighting a candle for: any given moment.

get scentered. stay sustainable.

Candles thoughtfully designed to live in your home forever. We've made it easy for you to upcycle your candle vessel into a new sleek piece for your space. It starts as a candle and transforms into a ____. (that's where your creativity comes in)

Meet Lorig, Our Founder

Welcome! I'm so glad you're here. I created a candle for: after the snowball effect of stress and burnout took a toll on my mental well-being. Like many of us, I was moving at a fast pace day after day and realized there were few moments I was truly centered in my 'now'. I found myself living more in my head then through the lens of my senses.

Lighting a candle, something so simple, became a powerful grounding ritual that helped me tune into senses I was normally moving too fast to notice. My hope for a candle for: is to bring you closer to your authentic self by slowing down a bit and exploring life through your senses. There's a lot to learn from one another on this journey as we get scentered together.